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Welcome to JK AutoTek, your trusted destination for professional tuning services. As dedicated tuning specialists, we are passionate about unlocking the full potential of your vehicle’s performance. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide tailored solutions that will enhance your driving experience to new heights.


We understand the importance of safe and sensible tuning while delivering incredible gains in power and torque. Our customers trust us time and time again because we prioritise their satisfaction. 

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Economy Tuning

With rising fuel prices, our economy tuning service has become increasingly popular. By recalibrating the ECU data, we optimize fuel efficiency. The increased torque results in fewer gear changes and less accelerator pedal movement, leading to improved MPG and enhanced driveability. Please note that our economy tuning service is available for Turbo Diesel vehicles only.

Stage 1 Tuning

Ideal for standard and unmodified vehicles without any hardware upgrades, our Stage 1 Remap offers a significant increase in power and torque while improving fuel efficiency. This tuning option removes flat spots and provides a more responsive drive without compromising reliability.

Stage 2 Tuning

For those seeking a bigger boost in power and torque, our Stage 2 Remap offers substantial gains. While efficiency will still improve, it may not be as dramatic as with Stage 1 tuning. Often, hardware upgrades are necessary before applying a Stage 2 Remap. Similar to Stage 1, this option removes flat spots and enhances responsiveness without compromising reliability.

Stage 3 and Beyond

For Stage 3 and higher tuning stages, up-rated hardware is required. The introduction of numerous hardware additions necessitates a fully bespoke remap, which we carry out on our rolling road. This allows us to monitor parameters in a safe and reliable manner. In certain cases, Stage 3 and beyond development may have already been carried out on your specific vehicle. Feel free to contact us with your spec list, and we’ll provide a custom quote and offer expert advice on the required hardware upgrades.

Choose JK AutoTek for professional ECU remapping services that prioritise reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction.



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