At JK Auto-Tek, we offer comprehensive and reliable diagnostic assessments that go above and beyond standard vehicle scans. Our diagnostic services are tailored to provide precise and accurate results, ensuring that we identify the root cause of any automotive issues with utmost expertise.

A common misconception is that a basic £45 plug-in or fault reading will reveal the exact problem with your vehicle. In reality, these generic scans only provide generic codes without offering a detailed understanding of the underlying issues. Relying on these scant details to fit parts is akin to taking a costly gamble, as it often leads to multiple parts replacements before the actual problem is resolved. These trial-and-error attempts can quickly add up to extensive bills, causing frustration and disappointment.

Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and supported by our skilled technicians, we conduct thorough physical checks, electrical examinations, and live data analysis on various vehicle components. This meticulous approach allows us to pinpoint even the most elusive problems, providing you with a clear understanding of your vehicle’s condition.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we prioritize the quality of our diagnostic assessments to save you time and money on unnecessary repairs. Our in-depth knowledge of modern vehicle systems empowers us to deliver reliable diagnoses, ensuring that the recommended solutions effectively address the identified issues.

When you choose JK Auto-Tek for your diagnostic assessment, you can trust that you are receiving top-tier service from a team dedicated to providing you with accurate and efficient solutions. Experience the difference of our comprehensive diagnostic assessments and let us keep your vehicle running at its peak performance.

Appointments are required prior to your visit, ensuring personalised attention and efficient service. Please schedule an appointment to guarantee prompt assistance and avoid any wait times. We value your time and look forward to providing you with exceptional automotive service.


    Our Requirements from You and Your Vehicle:

    Please ensure that when booking in the vehicle, you allow us adequate time with it. If the vehicle requires parts ordering, it may need to stay with us for a period of time. Alternative transport arrangements may be required while we have your vehicle.

    Additionally, please ensure the following:
    – The vehicle has at least half a tank of fuel.
    – The vehicle is clean inside and out, as we may need to remove interior/exterior parts to gain access to wiring, components, and modules.
    – The locking wheel nut key is left in an obvious place.
    – Both keys for the vehicle are provided, as we often require both keys while programming.

    By filling out and submitting this form, you agree to us fueling or cleaning the car on your behalf if we require it to carry out our work and pass on the charge.



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