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Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

Advanced vehicle diagnostics are no problem. You might think as vehicles become more and more technology dependent this was something only main dealers have the technology and tooling to diagnose. At JK Auto-Tek we are equipped with the latest advanced vehicle diagnostic equipment and continually invest in training on modern vehicle systems allowing us to keep up with the relentless pace of vehicle technology.

Our vehicle diagnostics are comprehensive and extensive unlike services that other places might offer.

Many garages will plug in a computer diagnostic computer and charge you for the privilege of doing this. Most of the time this can be inconclusive and will point you in the wrong direction and you may end up changing parts that are not required nor are faulty. We don’t have a set fee as other garages do, our diagnostics are based on the amount of time that it takes to do a thorough investigation and reach a solid conclusion.

With every diagnostic we perform, we do a variety of physical checks, electrical and live data checks on various components on your vehicle along side a full computer diagnostic using the relevant diagnostic equipment for your vehicle. Our equipment are all dealer-level and are able to program modules, immobilisers, keys and many other components on your vehicle.

We are also able to perform various tests to ensure components are working within the manufacture threshold, perform re-actuations, re-program, debug and various other functions on gearboxes, engines and other components around your vehicle.

Common customer complaints:

• Starting

• Alternator charging

• Dashboard warning lights displayed

• Discharging battery

• Blowing fuses

• Lighting failures

• Interior blower fan

• Central door locking

• Electric windows / sunroof

• Wiring faults

Computerized Engine Analysis

Modern engines are highly sophisticated, so electronic analysis is vital to diagnose the core problem. A modern car must be equipped with electronic systems for enhancing fuel efficiency and controlling carbon emissions based on regulations from the Federal Exhaust Emission and Fuel Economy body. Our technicians undertake a detailed computer analysis to track the operating conditions of your car’s engine via electrical signals. The data collected is then sent to computerized systems like emission control, fuel and ignition.

Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

We specialize in all types of electrical diagnostic and repair services thanks to trained technicians in all aspects related to vehicle technology. We use advanced diagnostics to download fault codes from your computer to identify any issues related to the electrical components within your car. Once we reach the source, we will eliminate the problem, so that you can enjoy a stress-free drive once again.

Driveability Diagnostics & Repair

If you face drivability issues, then you need advanced drivability diagnostics to zero in and solve minor problems before they become too big. We look at the control system of the engine to look for signs of transmission failure or any other faults that may be affecting your ability to drive smoothly.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Your check engine light is an excellent indicator to let you know something is wrong, but if you don’t know what to look for, then you probably have no idea why it turned on. Check engine lights turn on for a myriad of reasons, so we employ sophisticated tools to decipher the problems in your engine.

As an RAC Approved Garage when you bring your car to JK Auto-Tek, you have the extra peace of mind and reassurance that you’re in safe hands.

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