“The car drives and feels better than NEW! Went a long route home as I just wanted to keep driving. Steering is so light and no drag or pull at all. So glad I listened to your explanation of the BOSCH alignment kit James. Thanks again!”


Our Wheel alignment is superior to nearly any other on the market. Modern vehicle systems are continually being developed – chassis and suspension are no exception. As such wheel alignment equipment has also had to develop to provide for continuously advancing technology.

Along with the right equipment, technicians need accurate, up-to-date information to ensure the correct settings are being applied. With this in mind the new generation of wheel alignment systems from Bosch have been developed to meet both criteria.

What Measurements Do We Adjust:

  • Total toe (front axle + rear axle)
  • Partial toe (front axle + rear axle)
  • Camber
  • Wheel offset (front axle + rear axle)
  • Driving angle between axles
  • After-run
  • Kingpin angle
  • Relative steering angle Only for standard alignment
  • After-run correction range
  • Lateral offset left/right
  • Wheel track differential
  • Axle offset (front axle + rear axle)
  • Steering wheel angle max. Steering wheel angle not possible for all vehicles
  • Wheel base differential


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